Department of Public Administration

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The Department of Public Administration as an independent Department was started in 1985, though Public Administration as a Master's level course has been offered since 1964. The syllabus includes a wide variety of Management papers and the content of Public Administration Course fully satisfies the syllabus for Civil Service Examinations.

The Department offers M.Phil and Ph.D programmes on a wide range of research topics including inter-disciplinary research. The Department specializes in Human Resource Management, Human Rights and Non-Government Organizations. The students of the Department are well positioned in Government, Non-Government and Multinational Organizations.

Programmes Offered: M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D


T. Johnson Sampathkumar
Head of the Department
Ansuman Rabboni
Assistant Professor
Vijay Devanesan
Assistant Professor
Raja Jerald Selvakumar
Assistant Professor
D. Sulochana
Assistant Professor
Meera Rajeev Kumar
Assistant Professor 
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