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Experts in the field of Marine Studies are in high demand in our country as well as abroad. The interdisciplinary and integrated course with some frontier areas such as Marine Biology, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Microbiology, Oceanography, Estuarine Biology, Fishery Technology, Coastal Management, Marine Resources and Social Work for Fisherfolk will make the students employable immediately after the completion of the course work. 
  • R&D and Drug development
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Marine food products
  • Coastal Resource Management
  • Fishery and Oceanography departments
  • Farms & Hatcheries
  • Marine aquarium & Marine reserves
  • Socio-economic upliftment of fisherfolk
  • Policy Makers and Marketing Managers
  • Entrepreneur: Sea food industry and ornamental aquarium
  • NGO's

Our earlier batch of students are placed in the various Central Institutes, Universities, NGO’s, Research Institutes, Feed Industries, Aquaculture, Journal editors, Banking sector and also as entrepreneurs.

Our Partners

Silliman Univeristy
Sam Ratulangi University
Artha Wacana Christian University, Indonesia 
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