Tycoons Association

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Picture1We the budding TYCOONS of the Department of Business Administration at Madras Christian College have never ceased to wonder at what mother nature has to offer mankind through her infinitive structure of symmetry that has had us spell bond awe.

 A premier educational institution that specializes in character building besides knowledge, skill and ability, we are constantly striving to this flawless symmetry and innovation that we have learnt from nature.
The department of business administration earmarked in the year 2001.I the following year, the concept of an association was being kneaded in our minds. A chat became a conversation, a conversation became a discussion and the discussion turned to be the basic element in the formation of an association, called TYCOONS.

TYCOONS shot into fame with events such as seminars, workshops, industrial visits, and career development programmes. We have a higher purpose of creating awareness with a high dash of competition, which cuts across all boundaries race, sex, religion, culture or academic background and widens the outlook of the individual, leaving the participant richer for the experience.

TYCOON means "Great Lord" in Japanese. The objective of the forum is to develop the overall skills and prune the managerial and non-managerial inherent talents of every student of the department in particular and the student community in general through active participation. To achieve this objective, the forum is using various managerial seminars and workshops at regular intervals by expert of the corporate world, which would acquaint the students with the latest standards followed in the business scenario, with which theirs horizons, careers and jogs jeeps expanding.

Our aim is to provide a common platform for both the learned and the learners to interact with each other and share their views and experiences amongst them. Further, we hope that it improves the knowledge of every learner and bridges the gap between  the industry and the learning community.

The forum takes active interest in participating at various other event management programmes hosted by many other fellow institutions and learns the essence of managerial skills required to be a wholesome individual. The laurels we have won in all these events are a testimony to our students’ competency level in teamwork and skills.

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