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We are happy to announce the publication of the first issue of our literary journal, Eclectic Representations in May 2011. 

Eclectic Representations ISSN 2231 - 430 X is a peer-reviewed biannual journal, which covers English literature from the time of Chaucer to the present day.

  • It features scholarly essays on diverse literatures like British, American, and Indian Writing to name a few.
  • It encourages the re-reading of familiar authors, as well as those that champion new or neglected works.
  • It presents a remarkable diversity of methodologies and examines a wide range of literary and critical topics. The journal remains committed to the re-appraisal of accepted views, and the principle that criticism and scholarship should reinforce the pleasure for which literature and other works of arts are created.

Call for Papers

The next issue of Eclectic Representations will be published in June 2012. 

Back issues of Eclectic Representations are available with the Department of English.

Submission Guidelines

Previously unpublished manuscripts of approximately 3000 words should be sent as an email attachment in Microsoft Word, Book Antiqua font size 12, A4, double-spaced format to The hard copy of the manuscript must be sent to the following address:

The Department of English
Madras Christian College
Tambaram, Chennai 600 059

Manuscripts will be considered for publication only if both soft and hard copies are submitted. 

To enable anonymous peer review of the manuscript, a separate cover sheet must bear the paper’s title, name of the author, and address for correspondence, including email address and mobile no. The title of the paper only must head the first page of the manuscript proper, followed by an abstract of 100-200 words and four or five key words.

The editorial board takes into consideration the following factors while evaluating a manuscript for publication:

  • The manuscript appeals to the general interests of the readers of Eclectic Representations.
  • The manuscript elucidates the relationship between theory and practice: Practical articles must be anchored in theory, and theoretical articles and reports of research must contain a discussion of implications or applications for practice.
  • The manuscript offers a new, original insight or interpretation and not just a restatement of others’ ideas and views.
  • The manuscript makes a significant (practical, useful, plausible) contribution to the field.
  • The manuscript reflects sound scholarship and research design with appropriate, correctly interpreted references to other authors and works.
  • The manuscript is well written and organized, concise and readable and conforms to the specifications of the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers and Research Papers. Click on this link for more details
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