The significance of our Hall motto and emblem

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The Selaiyur hall motto, ‘Esse Quam Videri’ comes from latin, and means ‘Sincerity, not sham’, ie.’ To be, rather than to seem’. Year after year, the newly arrived residents are taught the underlying significance of this motto and its meaning which teaches them the real essence of what being a gentleman is all about.

The Hall emblem, known as the ‘Coat of Arms’, consists of a shield, incorporated with an anchor surrounded by a rope. Sculpted into it, above the anchor are 3 images, of a lotus, laurel leaves and a torch, which stand for purity, victory and truth respectively. The hall motto at the base completes the emblem.  The emblem is a perfect representation of all the values Selaiyur hall stands for, and what the residents essentially absorb during their time in the hall.






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