Hall Cabinet

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The Warden of the Hall shall be the President of the Hall.  He shall be the nominal executive. He appoints the conveners of Finance Committee and Appraisal Committee. He determines the detailed rules of the procedure, for the maintenance of discipline, decorum and efficient conduct of the Hall system in general and for the benefits of the Hall residents in particular. He shall conduct the Hall election through the Election Commissioner. The first session of the General Body meeting will be addressed by the President.
The Chairman presides over General Body and his other responsibilities include conducting traditional events such as oath taking, ceremony for the fresher and uphold the traditions of the hall.

General Secretary
The Cabinet is headed by the General Secretary. The Hall cabinet with its General Secretary shall be the real executive. The Selaiyur Hall cabinet is composed of the student secretaries relating to Literary and Debate, Library and Reading, Entertainment, Mess, Indoor and Outdoor games. The General Secretary is an elected student representative.  He is accountable for the rest of the cabinet.  He deals with Hall affairs, Finance and Health.

Literary and Debate Secretary
The L&D section handles the area of all literary and debating activities.  The L&D secretary has a major function of seeing over and organizing the literary activities during "Moonshadow".  In reference to the general body, it is the L&D section who takes down the proceedings of the minutes.

Library and Reading Room Secretary
The L&R section is in charge of taking care of Hall library and of the reading room.  It is the L&R section who handles the subscription in the Hall to various magazines and newspapers.

Entertainment Secretary
Entertainment section is in charge of various entertainment activities such as music, fashion show and dance. The entertainment secretary also plays an important role in the cultural events "Moonshadow" which is hosted by Selaiyur Hall.

Mess Secretary
The mess secretary is in charge of functioning of the mess and he takes up the responsibility of conducting special dinners, the moonlight dinners very importantly the Hall Day dinner.

Outdoor Game Secretary
The importance of outdoor game secretary is highlighted during the Inter Hall sports and Annual athletic meet, where he has to be with sports persons who are competing for the Hall, and to see their needs.  Another such event is during "Galarompics" conducted by Martin Hall.

Indoor Game Secretary
He has to take care of all the indoor games activities such as chess, carom, table tennis etc.  The indoor secretary also has to maintain and upgrade the gym time to time.

Hall Cabinet 2016-17

President: Dr. Johanan Christian Prasana 

Chairman: D.Joel Gnanaraj

General Secretary : Mahath Mangal

Secretary for Debate and Literary Activities: Jovan Joseph

Secretary for Library and Reading Room :Alen Shajan Varughese

Secretary for Entertainment: Gowtham C.R

Secretary for Mess : B.Abishek

Secretary for Outdoor Games: Vishnu .A.K

Secretary for indoor games : Vimal varghese


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