Special Papers

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Special Papers Offered By the Department

Music and Literature

The English Department offers the Music and Literature Course for all the second year undergraduates. They study samples of works and learn how the two arts interact or influence each other. In this broad-ranging field, students are exposed to musical traditions from around the world and throughout human history. They study such topics as the history of musical notation and the development of music theory as well as specific musical periods and cultural traditions. They learn about the history of styles of music, musical instruments, and techniques. An important part of this course is studying what other people throughout history have written about music.

English for Careers

The Department also offers the English for Careers course for all the final year undergraduates. The course prepares the students who are appearing for their CAT, GRE, IELTS, and Civil Services examinations.  

The Communicative Approach of the English Language Teaching Curriculum of the Department prepares students to face the challenges of a globalised India. Its aim is to develop the learners’ potentials so that they become persons imbued with human values who are faithful and possess good morals and noble character, and are responsible and democratic citizens.

Core & Optional Papers

The following core papers were offered at the postgraduate level keeping up with the changing literary scenario: Critical Theory since 1965 and Post Colonial Literature.

The following optional papers were offered at the postgraduate level: Literary Interpretation and Women’s Studies, Applied Linguistics and Literary Stylistics and European Fiction and Drama, Indian Theatre, Meta Theatre and Perception and Translation Studies, English Language Teaching and Ecoliterature.

Study Tours

Study tours are held every year. The students of Ecoliterature visit tribals like the Kondhs of Koraput and Todas of the Nilgiris as part of their academic learning. The trip is mandatory.

Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies courses which survey the pursuit of women's rights and gender equality in all aspects of social and political life are an important component of both the B.A. and M.A. courses.The Department of English has always lent its support to the academically weak students.

Remedial Classes

From the academic year 2006-2007 onwards, through a diagnostic test such students were identified and remedial classes outside class hours were conducted.  A Deficiency Needs Analysis by means of Diagnostic tests and informal interviews are useful in assessing the proficiency level of each student.  Assignment topics are given to each student according to their level of proficiency.

Skill Development

Students are taught ‘Spoken English,’ presentation skills, soft skills and are trained to work in multi cultural environments. The academic subjects taught like, technical writing, translation studies, advertising, English Language Teaching focus on transferable skills and their application to careers.

Academic Mobility

Department students have the option of earning credits by spending a semester at Flinders University, Australia.

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