Continuous Assessment

Continuous Assessment

  • Continuous Assessment will be made normally by the teachers responsible for the courses they teach on dates centrally fixed by the college. There will be three tests held for each paper- two written test and a programme of accepted innovative techniques such as seminars, term paper, project, assignment, port folio, power-point presentation, quiz, objective tests etc. ( the programme of such evaluation will be fixed before the commencement of that semester in consultion with the respective Acadamic Deans). Each test will be carry a maximum of 50 marks and lowest of the three test will be ignored. Retest is not allowed except in the case of students who miss one or more CA tests because they were away on those days representing college in sports or cultural activities or for any justifiable reason acceptable to the Principal. Principal may grant special permission to such candidates for taking just one additional test of three hours duration covering the entire syllabus of that paper. This test should be taken before the commencement of End of Semester Examination of that semester. 
  • A record of such assessment procedure will be maintained by the department and is open for clarification by the students. Students will have the right to appeal to the Principal in case of glaring disparities in marking. The dates and the scheme for the two written tests will be the same as those of the first and the third CA tests under provision (a-i) above, as fixed by the College. 
  • Candidates who fail in a paper for want of sufficient marks in CA test will have to seek improvement by coming back to the semester for CA exams or repeating it after the completion of the course at the time of regular CA Test.

End of Semester Examination

  • The academic year is divided into two semesters, the first from June/July to November/ December, and the second from November/ December to April/May. Each semester will have a minimum of 90 working days. Examination days are excluded. Examinations will be conducted in papers of all semesters in Nov/Dec and April/May every year for all UG and Pg courses.
  • The schedule for ESE Practicals will be notified by the Co-ordinator of Examinations in consultation with the Dean of Sciences.
  • A student who fails in any paper or papers in any semester will be permitted to take them at subsequent End of semester examinations of those papers, subject to the student having fulfilled the attendance requirement. A student whose attendance falls short of 50% will be required to repeat that semester by enrolling again at the end of the degree course. Papers set for each examination will follow the regulations and syllabi in force at the time.
  • To qualify for the UG/PG Degree, supplementary candidates are required to pass in all the papers prescribed for the course within six / four semesters immediately after the completion of the course. Beyond that period, the candidates will follow the current syllabus for the examinations. A late fee per year for each paper shall be levied
  • Examination Fees will be levied and collected at the University rates. A special levy is collected for supplementary papers. Only those students who get clearance of ‘no dues' from the Bursar's office/Hall/Departments are eligible to obtain the Hall Ticket for the End if Semester Examination.

Grading System

Grading System

  • Grading will be in accordance with the regulation approved by the Academic Council of the college.
  • Passing minimum for U.G. Course is 35% of marks allotted to each paper in the End of the Semester Examination and 40% of the total marks in the End of Semester Examination and Continuous Assessment put together.
  • Passing minimum for P.G. Course is 45% of the marks in the End of Semester Examination and 50% of the total marks in the End of Semester Examination and Continuous Assessment put together in each paper.
  • The minimum number of credits to qualify for a U.G./P.G. degree is 108/72 respectively except for M.S.W and M.C.A.
  • Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and overall weighted percentage marks (OWPM) will be awarded when a Candidate completes UG/PG degree.
Passing of Results

Results will be passed by the Boards of Examiners of the departments concerned and submitted to the Academic Council of the College for approval after which the Principal will recommend the eligible students for award of the Degree of the University of Madras.

Provision to appeal

Appeals against results of the End of Semester Examination may be sent to the Principal by the student concerned within 10 days of the publication of the results. Appeal for each paper should be made separately. A fee of ₹350/- for each paper under appeal should be paid. Such appeals will be referred to an Appeals Committee whose decision shall be final.

Departmental Grievance Cell

Grievance cell in the Departments will look into matters regarding C.A. Marks. Students having any complaint against C.A., may appeal to this cell. If the award given is not acceptable to the student, redressal of the grievance appealed for may be referred to the Principal.

Academic Awards and Scholarships

A student's record in Continuous Assessment and End of Semester Examination will be taken into account in awarding prizes, commendation, merit and progress certificates, student aid, scholarships and for considering admission to a higher course. Student eligible for Scholarship must open an account with the IOB, MCC Campus branch.




Repeat C.A. Test forms will be issued to passed out UG and PG students who have not cleared their Internal Exams. Students are requested to submit applications on or before 27.07.2018.


Date : 16.07.2018 


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