The MCC School Of Continuing Education is offering several Job Oriented and Skill/Career Development Courses which can be done along with a Degree Course adding value to a plain Degree. There are Options of either Forenoon or Afternoon or Weekend (Saturdays) session

Several Courses are being offered on Saturdays to enable students of day and evening streams and working people to join.

COURSES in Graphic Designing , Finance and Accounting, Online Journalism, Effective English with training for IELTS, French, Videography & Photography ,Hindi , Event Management, PG Diploma in HRM and a special Batch of Diploma in Montessori & Primary School Teacher Training especially for Working Teachers and MCC Students, Advanced XL, Tally etc,, are offered on Saturdays.

With arrangements for Internships (Lister MetropolIs, ) the DMLT and PGDMLT Courses have really enabled our Students to get meaningful Employment. Our students of the Diploma in Montessori and Primary School Teacher Training Course have done internships in MCC Campus School and several have secured Employment in Leading Schools. Some students of FRENCH have completed their DELF A1 And A2 (international) Exams after doing the Certificate Course in French in MCC.

Diploma and PG Diploma Courses in Journalism, Human Resource Management and Computer Science, Montessori &Primary School Teacher Training have given the extra edge to our students to fare well in their job and career prospects. 

Several Students have become MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALISTS  after passing the ONLINE MICROSOFT EXAMS Exams conducted in MCC Campus itself after being trained by our Professors. New courses on Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis For Competitive Exams, IELTS have taken off well. Courses on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, SOFTWARE TESTING, CONTENT WRITING, MEDICAL CODING, PROJECT MANAGEMENT are planned for this academic year and have a great scope as a career.

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About SCE


Madras Christian College traces its origin to a School started by Rev. John Anderson in 1837 at George Town, Madras (Chennai). It continues to be actively involved in Nation building by imparting sound learning, building character, and spreading spiritual truth and knowledge of God. Trans – located a century later in the midst of an awe inspiring 365 acre stretch of the primeval Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest of the Selaiyur – Vandalur range at Tambaram, the college campus at present has the rare distinction of being transformed into a miniature wild life sanctuary. Besides, there are six residential Halls, three exclusively for girl students, all planned and built on the model of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. In the campus are several residential family quarters for members of the Faculty and Office staff, a wide range of play fields with an imposing pavilion, an indoor Sports Stadium, a highly organized college farm etc., With the ever abiding good will of generations of Alumni and Alumnae, spread all over the world, the College enjoys a unique atmosphere, saturated with both academic and cultural heritage and cosmopolitan in character. Through personal integrity, deep commitment and vision on the part of the Faculty, the College continues to be the Citadel of Higher Education in South Asia and enjoys the privilege of being accredited as one among the very few top ranking educational institutions in our country.  In the year 1978, in  recognition  of the meritorious  service  rendered  by  the   College in Nation  building  for  over  140  years,   the  University  Grants Commission and University of Madras accorded academic autonomy to the College.  The College has completed 179years of meritorious service to the Nation and enjoys the rank of ‘A’, as one among the very few Universities and Colleges of our country assessed and accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Commission.

On the assumption of autonomous status, the College geared itself up towards augmenting Human Resources for achieving innovative ventures and one such pioneering venture that was launched in 1983, was the Department of Continuing Education. With Dr. R. Rajkumar as its dynamic first Director, the Department emerged as the autonomous M.C.C. School of Continuing Education (MCCSCE) of the College. As an expression of its commitment to respond effectively to the plight of the less privileged youth, who, for various reasons,   could not join the main stream of the college the MCCSCE through the years has developed several Job and Career Oriented and Skill-Development Courses.

The MCCSCE also provides students of the mainstream of the college the opportunity to take advantage of the courses offered on part-time basis, either in the forenoon or afternoon sessions and/or on Week-ends (Saturdays).  Thus, a student of the graduate or postgraduate course of the mainstream who  has  the  entire  forenoon  or afternoon free from class work, will have the option to chose any of the morning or evening or Week-end (Saturday) courses and earn one or two Diplomas, in addition to the Degree which will help in getting employment on completion of the regular course in the college.




1.   To invest human resource in Nation building.  This is achieved by providing the appropriate academic and application based inputs  in order to exploit the inbuilt resources of the individual.

2.   To permit the maximum  exposure to the students for innovative ideas, provided by the experts in each area of specialization.

3.   To inculcate   in the students   the spirit  of self-reliance   and communicative skills.

4.   To provide every opportunity to students to appreciate the dignity of  labor and to move from  the periphery to the core in human society.

5.   To train the  apparently handicapped  youth in the process of knowledge and technology transfer.

The courses of the  MCC School of  Continuing Education are  aimed at imparting  knowledge and skills which help in getting jobs and enable Self-Employment and Self-Improvement.




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Duration of the Courses

Duration of the Courses

The Diploma and PG Diploma Courses are usually of 1 year duration (two semesters), except the Diploma course in Montessori and Primary School Teaching which is of 6 months duration. Certificate Courses vary from 1 month to 3 months duration. The classes are held between 9 a.m. and 1 pm for the morning session and 2 pm .and 6 p.m. in the afternoon session .Classes are also held on Saturdays. There could be some special courses scheduled apart from these timings and during weekends.


Attendance Requirements

Attendance Requirements

Attendance is compulsory for all courses and 100% attendance is desirable. A minimum of 75% attendance is required to be eligible to appear for the End of Semester Exams (for Certificate & Diploma Courses).

  • A student with less than 75% attendance but more than 65% attendance can apply for Condonation which may be permitted at the discretion of the DIRECTOR.
  • A student getting less than 65% attendance but more than 50% will not be allowed to appear for the ESE in that particular semester but will be allowed to write those papers as arrears in the subsequent End of Semester Examination.
  • A student who has less than 50% of attendance will be declared non eligible, but will have the option to rejoin the particular semester only in the subsequent year by paying the semester fees.
  • If a student has not been permitted to appear for the exams in the first semester and if he / she lacks enough attendance to appear for the second semester exams also then such a student cannot be permitted to appear for any exams in future nor will he/ she be allowed to repeat the semester. Future admission to any course will also be denied.



Examinations and Assessments

Examinations and Assessments

Continuous Internal Assessments (CA) and external End of Semester Examinations (ESE) are two modes of assessment of the performance of a student. Field/Project work and Presentations may also form part of the requirements to assess the student.

CA: For Diploma & PG Diploma Courses there will be a single mid semester examination for each paper of two hours duration, to be completed before the ESE. The score of the mid semester examination (CA) will account for 50% marks. Students needing to improve upon their CA marks so as to pass [CA+ESE=40; ESE min 20] will be given an opportunity to retake the CA Exam at the end of each semester on payment of Rs. 100/- as CA retake fee. Examinations will be conducted in  April/May and  in  November/December. The Fee for E.S.E. arrear Examinations will be Rs.150/- per Paper.

E.S.E.: The End of Semester Examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester (November / April).   The  CA  retake  &  ESE  arrears examinations will be conducted in  April/May and in  November/December. The Fee for E.S.E. arrear Examinations will be Rs.150/- per Paper.

(a)   With certain exceptions, the duration of each paper of E.S.E. is three hours. Separate minimum of 20 marks is required in the ESE for a pass and the passing minimum of CA and ESE marks combined is 40.

(b)   Semester Examination results will be given after the meeting of the Board of Examiners.

No of attempts

  • A student of the Diploma / PG Diploma courses will be allowed only three attempts within a period of 3 years after the ending of the course to appear for any of the arrears exams (ESE).
  • A student of a Certificate Course will be allowed only a maximum of 2 attempts within a period of 2 years after the course to appear for any of the arrears exams.





Diplomas / Certificates and proficiency prizes are awarded at the special Annual day / Convocation celebration arranged during the academic year. Convocation address is given by the Guest of Honour. Students will be informed according to the communication address given in the admission application form. Any change in the address should be intimated to the Director, MCCSCE without delay.






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