The Centre for International Social Work (CISW) promotes cross cultural learning, enhancing knowledge, skills and research ensuring professional social work theories are relevant to major global events and local practice through multilateral, collaborative international partnerships. we value equity, social justice, human rights, peace and diversity, leading to global leadership as agents of social change.


The Department of Social Work congruent with the mission of Madras Christian College offers human rights and value-based professional social work education as a vocation of service through building of character, experiencing transformational development and acquiring critical consciousness in order to empower people to promote an egalitarian and just society,.

Aims & Objectives


  • to provide a unique opportunity for international social work partners to work, teach and undertake collaborative research within community settings.
  • to provide opportunities for social work students to undertake international placements, internships, study tours and the like.
  • to generate knowledge from social work practice relevant to the local context that can be shared internationally.
  • to draw from a range of international expertise to further develop social work practice at the local level.
  • to provide innovative, evidence-based approaches and leadership in international social work to be creatively involved in facing global issues and shaping global policy.
  • to facilitate partner institutions to respond appropriately to major national and international events.


The Centre for International Social Work coordinates, plans, impliments and evaluates work relevant to international social work. Amongst other things, the Centre for International Social Work will:

  • provide training workshops by international partners to Indian and other intrnational academics and practitioners;
  • develop teaching and training materials and packages from these workshops (video, hard copy manuals and so on);
  • engage in collaborative research projects of local, regional and international relevance;
  • develop outreach programmes suitable for Indian and international student placements and for other purposes;
  • coordinate a range of programmes to provide cross cultural/ international experiences to professionals and students from India and other countries, including but not exclusive to, students of our partner institutions;
  • ensure that there is full documentation of the Centre's activities in the form of books, published articles, conference papers, discussion papers and so on;
  • consider plans to further develop the work of the Centre, such as a collaboratively run Masters in International Social Work.
  • test innovative approaches to social work for their generalizations across, and relevance to a range of different contexts;
  • seek financial support and identify funding sources generally and for specific Centre activities

Areas of Collaboration

The Centre for International Social Work is open to new partners for networking in the areas:

  • collaborative research
  • field placement and interships
  • students and faculty exchange
  • training and resource development

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