The MCC Alumni Association, known as “Christian College Day Association” was formed in 1891 and is the oldest of its kind in India. In December 1963, the Association  implemented  a  new  constitution and  changed  its  name  to  “Alumni Association” with the stated objectives of the development of the College and fostering of cultural and social interests of the alumni through meetings and publications. The Alumni and Public Relations Office was set up in 1962 and it looks after the activities of the Association.

Over  the  years,  the  Association  has  supported many noble causes in the College including the construction of the Devanesen Memorial theatre, the  Miller  Memorial  Library,  the  International Guest House, the C. A. Abraham   Pavilion and the compound wall. Today, the association has 22 chapters in India and 11 chapters  in  other parts of the world.

When a student leaves the College at the end of the course, he / she automatically becomes an  annual member of the Association. One can then choose to become a permanent member, along with a long list of outstanding alumni, such as Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr. A.L.  Mudaliar,  Dr.  Raja  Ramanna,  Mr. T.T. Krishamachari, Mr. M.M. Rajendran, Mr. T.N. Seshan, Mr. Mammen Mappillai, Mr. Suresh Krishna, Mr. C.D. Gopinath, Dr. Pratap C. Reddy, Mr. K. Vijay Kumar, Mr. E.L. Philip, Justice P.D. Dinakaran, Justice A.K. Rajan, General Sundarji, Ms. Shanta Sheela Nair, Ms. Sheila Priya, Ms. C.S. Lakshmi (Ambai), Ms. Indra Nooyi, Ms. Chandrika Tandon, Mr. Prakash Karat, Mrs. Leela Ponappa, Prof. C.T. Kurien to name a few. Life membership or Donor membership supports several alumni programmes and provides life-time contact with the Alma mater.

The   MCC   Alumni   Association   conducted   a historic  “Global  Alumni  Reunion”  on  the  27th and 28th  of July 2013. Around 1,500 alumni from across the globe witnessed this great event. Many distinguished alumni from various streams of life enriched this event with their presence.

MCC   also   hosted   the   second   edition   of   the Distinguished   Alumni   Series   on   20th March 2014. The MCC Alumni Association honored B. Muthuraman, Tata International Ltd., and Vice Chairman, Tata Steel Ltd. and   K. Vijay Kumar, I.P.S., Sr. Security Advisor, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, Former Director General, CRPF. A souvenir was released to mark this great occasion.


The MCC Alumni Association also celebrated its 125 years of existence through a mega event on August 6th & 7th in 2016.


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