School of Continuing Education

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Courses for Job Opportunities, Self-employment, Self-improvement

As an expression of its commitment to respond effectively to the plight of the less privileged youths, who, for various reasons, could not afford to join the main stream of the college in achieving higher education, the MCCSCE through the years has developed several 50 job oriented time bound Occupational Courses that such youths may choose for a career. Each course has been structured with emphasis on practical training, projects and field work.

The MCCSCE also provides unlimited opportunities to the students of the mainstream of the college to take advantage of the facilities offered as part-time courses. Thus, a student of the graduate or postgraduate course of the mainstream who has the entire forenoon or afternoon free from class work, will have the option to chose any one or more of the morning or evening or weekend courses and earn one or two Diplomas Certificates, in addition to the Degree and most surely a job too through campus interviews, on completion of the regular course in the college.

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