Department of Marine Studies & Coastal Resource Management

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The Department of Marine Studies and Coastal Resource Management came into existence in 2006 with the vision of expanding the academic and research horizons of the Estuarine Biological Laboratory at Pulicat Lake.

This interdisciplinary course dealing with the frontier areas in marine science such as Marine Biology, Oceanography, Estuarine Biology, Fishery, Fishery Technology, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Pharmacology, Marine Resources, Remote Sensing and GIS, Coastal Management and Socio-economics of coastal communities.

The field practical works are conducted at the Estuarine Biological Laboratory located at the Pulicat lake, the second largest brackish water lake in the country.

Programmes Offered: M.Sc


  • Dr. Lita Sunder and Dr. J. Sesh Serebiah have visited Silliman University, Philippines during the month of May 2012 under the UBCHEA project “Biodiversity & Conservation”. They had a discussion on the MS online program on Coastal Resource Management. The feasibility study has been done to integrate the curriculum and syllabus for the online program.
  • Dr. J. Sesh Serebiah and Dr. K. Mahesh Kumar have got the Tamil Nadu Forest Department GOMMNP – Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park project  on “Survey and assessment of present status and coral reef and associated fishes during 2011-12 Mandapam Group (7 Islands)”. The money has to be disbursed from Forest Department to conduct the study.
  • Dr. R. Moses Inbaraj, Course Coordinator for Marine Studies have been invited to have a meeting at Institute for Environmental and Marine Sciences, Silliman University, Philippines during the last week of May 2012. The visit has made way to design an online course on “Integrated Coastal Resource Management” at Masters level, and the scientists were drafted a joint research proposal for the year 2012-2013 under the consortium of MoU.

Our Partners

Silliman Univeristy
Sam Ratulangi University
Artha Wacana Christian University, Indonesia 
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