The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) offers wide-ranging choice for students to opt for courses based on their aptitude and their career goals. The Undergraduate curriculum, offered in the semester pattern, includes the following categories of courses to accomplish a holistic learning experience for our students.

Foundation Course
Foundation course consists of English, Language, Value Education, and Personality Development. A student can opt for any one of the languages offered by the Department of Languages.

General Course
General Courses offers an introduction to each Major discipline. Students may choose to study any one course, other than the one offered by their own department.

Core Courses
Core Courses consist of Major and Allied Courses. Major courses are offered by each of the academic departments with a number of innovative and popular courses. Allied courses are aimed at facilitating desired complementarity with the Major courses of study. The compulsory allied is decided by the department. The optional allied is chosen by the students from a list of three allied subjects specified by the departments.

Elective courses
An inter-disciplinary Elective and a General Elective are offered by each department to impart skill-based instruction, thus providing an opportunity for the Undergraduate student to gain knowledge in an application-oriented subject.

Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies is intended to motivate the students to develop a positive attitude towards environmental concerns of the society.

Service Learning
Service Learning Programme provides scope for experiential learning in their respective fields of study.

Computer Training
Computer Training, consisting of both theory and practical, is offered as a part of the Major Course.

Physical Education
Besides the academic requirements mentioned above, there is scope for the Undergraduate students to undergo Physical Education training as well.

NCC/NSS/Sports/Scrub Society/Department Association
These activities are all part of the Undergraduate CBCS programme and an Undergraduate student can acquire additional credits by participating in any one of these programmes.


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