The Department of Mathematics was established in 1871 and has the reputation of having distinguished mathematics in the past. Areas of specialization include Computer Mathematics, Complex Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Astronomy, Harmonic Analysis and Mathematics Education for the visually challenged. The Department offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes with an appropriate blend of pure and applied Mathematics courses and job oriented courses.

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What is lunar eclipse ?

When the Moon moves in the shadow of the Earth, it is known as the eclipse of the Moon or lunar eclipse

What is so special about the night of 27th July 2018?

Lunar eclipse will occur during the night of 27th July 2018 to early hours of 28th July 2018. The shadow of the Earth cast by the Sunlight will have two components. Umbra (the darker shadow) and Penumbra (the lighter shadow). When the entire disk of the Moon crosses umbra, the eclipse is known as total lunar eclipse. While the full eclipse will last over 6 hours, the total lunar eclipse (the moon being in the middle of Earth's shadow) is expected to last for 1 hour and 43 minutes. This is estimated to be the longest total lunar eclipse of this century. It will be visible in the geographic regions: South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Australia.

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